What we do

Dominant Brands
Market dominance once achieved must be sustained.

Market power needs to be wielded carefully, at the right time and aimed in the right direction.

We help dominant brands capitalise on cultural trends, combat competitive threat, innovate to avoid inertia and align internal behaviour to prevent brand blur.

Emerging Brands
Emerging brands usually have a strong articulation of their brand idea but seek amplification of the brand story and behavioural alignment.

Emerging brands have momentum and energy but often lack a clear evolutionary trajectory.

We help emerging brands build lighthouse identities and create cultural consistency during rapid growth to forge a path to market dominance.

Wilderness Brands
Wilderness brands have either lost their way, their momentum or both and require either a rejuvenation or retirement strategy.

Wilderness brands are at a pivotal point in their lifecycle but a choice must be made between reinvigorating the promise or harvesting the equity.

We help wilderness brands make that choice and either work to re-align meaning and relevance to rejuvenate or create a replacement if the brands time has truly come.

Ghost Brands
Ghost brands are brands that have been removed from the market but still have considerable equity in the minds and hearts of their ex-customers.

Ghost brands may represent a significant revenue opportunity through either a reintroduction strategy or trademark divestment.

We help assess the market opportunities, understand the risk, investment and potential return of reincarnation within the original business or with an appropriate suitor.

Personal Brands
Personal brands are of course human – you and your brand and require all of the definition, structure and nurturing of a commercial or organisational brand.

Personal Brands are the key to unlocking extraordinary career opportunities, wealth creation and more often than not personal harmony.

We work with individuals who have the hunger and ability to create memorable personal brands with real presence that will ultimately leave a legacy of leadership and achievement.

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

– Mark Twain, American Humourist, Writer and Lecturer